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1) Re: A New Clan
Posted on Mar 29, 2010 2:43 AM by user elementworld
    hey man im really exited about this clan and ill be looking to join as soon as it opens. i dont know if you want the members to wait intill they can make essence of life or what so contact me on that ...
2) Re: Making Quitters Public
Posted on Mar 4, 2010 1:38 AM by user elementworld
    i latley have come across so many runners i cant even post all theri names. it seems like almost half the people i play only 1 end before leaving. it is my opinion that this is gtting ridicouless ...
3) Re: Prejudice in the game
Posted on Mar 4, 2010 1:35 AM by user elementworld
    thats not right. we got to get some more mods on more often to take care of these things ...
4) Re: Report?
Posted on Mar 3, 2010 9:49 PM by user elementworld
    or if you see a mod he can sort them out by giving him a dermit point or banning him if it comes to that ...
5) Re: Being asked to leave
Posted on Mar 2, 2010 9:35 PM by user elementworld
    thats a joke. he was trying to scam u out of points. its people like this who make this game unpleasnt. i wish all these runners and people like this would just grow up ...
6) Re: playing the waiting game
Posted on Mar 2, 2010 9:34 PM by user elementworld
    if you are not set for a certain amount of ends u can leave after any end without being penalised by deduction of points. you can only set the amount of ends if ur a sub so most will not have this ...
7) Re: A player wont start a new end or leave...
Posted on Mar 2, 2010 9:30 PM by user elementworld
    yes he is correct. you have won you can leave the game after the finish of any end. that is the problem with running. they win 1 end with the hammer and can leave unpenalised ...
Posted on Mar 1, 2010 3:14 AM by user elementworld
    i agree to a point. i have very rarely played all 10 ends. so i do not agree with that. But yes u should not leave after 1 end just because u have the hammer and beat somebody just to gain points. ...
9) Runners
Posted on Feb 28, 2010 10:20 PM by user elementworld
    is their anything we can do about runners. you lose one end when they have the hammer and take your points. it really makes me mad. ...
10) Re: people leaving!
Posted on Feb 28, 2010 10:19 PM by user elementworld
    yes i believe you do ...
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