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The 8 ball rooms permanently infected
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The 8 ball rooms permanently infected Posted: May 26, 2019 12:21 PM
When are you going to permanently clean these two 8ball hall.

Yes there is "Translator" who struggles to keep a balance and calm in the rooms. Yes there is the intervention of "Thor von Midgard" who speaks French well, who is impartial at all levels and who does not let himself be moved by false words. Yes there is a considerable reinforcement of the valiant "Don Tico" who does not compromise and who does not let himself be moved by an insulteur. He suffered insults, a copy of his nickname associated with vulgarity. He is insulted permanently while being present in the room. Why ? he does not understand the words use.The trio, "kamel", "Shainessss", kim-kim "and their multiple pseudo, do a huge harm to the site" Flyordie ".Using multiple pseudos disturbing and insulting, webcam request for sexual purposes (kamal, evidence are in my possession, as well as videos) and especially extortion of identity by creation of pseudo (proof capture).
That's what I wanted to convey as a message.
Of course renewing my candidacy as a moderator to help Translator on French theaters and cinemas where Germans and Dutch are present.
Good luck to all and believe in my sincere participation on the longevity of the site and especially on its friendliness.


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