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Demerit point
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Demerit point Posted: Dec 22, 2021 10:20 AM
If you have a demerit , where its states you cannot chat how is it therefore you become extended time on a demerit ?

F†W Undisputed

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Re: Demerit point Posted: Dec 22, 2021 1:40 PM
If you had a Demerit and it got extended it's due to the fact you either did something to deserve a longer punishment or the Moderators have re-considered the original punishment and seen fit to distribute an additional length to the demerit if they feel it's necessary.

Any form of harassment, cheating, point manipulation, intentional losing, insulting, vulgar language, account sharing, stalking and harassing someone through private or public chat, leaving matches before they end, using more than one account in a Tournament or such can all lead to a Demerit if you're fortunate enough not to be hit with a Temp or Permanent account ban instead.

My advice to you or whoever you're referring to in regards to this demerit situation is to simply behave, have a read over the TOS and the rules of use to ensure that in the future you do so to the best of your ability as a member here on FlyOrDie to avoid further punishments being applied to said account, especially if you enjoy being here.

Be careful and play for fun, don't cause trouble ^_^.

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