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Rimlander slingshot & compass
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will day

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Rimlander slingshot & compass Posted: Oct 15, 2020 1:20 PM
Hi all,

The level 83 Rimlander slingshot requires 5 compasses, from doing a bit of research with Nic, and the Hungarian game, it looks like this item is dropped by a level 105 monster...

Doesn't look like it's ever been on the market in English larki, I was wondering if anyones ever found one with the balloon? or if it's even coded here.

Anyway we can just build the Heliosteel Mortal even though it's not quite as good, just seems like an odd oversight to have left this item in


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Re: Rimlander slingshot & compass Posted: Oct 16, 2020 4:08 AM
I haven't upgraded in years - just playing my 100s - but it looks like I only have the heliosteel mortal.

There is a chance of getting it from the balloon; the rimlander slingshot is listed in the item index, so it is programmed into the game.

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