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Re: Digger Study Posted: May 16, 2021 8:23 PM
>>Curious as to when I would get rid of centrolium, I looked back at this topic and realized I never posted when I stopped digging kithrill. It feels like forever since I saw one, and I can't be sure when they disappeared, but I know I didn't dig any through level 95 with 348 (+2 clan bonus) luck.

>>I feel like I must have done something wrong as the numbers aren't making sense anymore. Maybe kristal can confirm diamond/dispro/kithrill drop offs.

Hi Ezekial, the hignest luck I got is 328+2=330 and I started to get less disporisium. At luck 328 there were more dispo than centrolium and kithrill. At luck 330 disprosium started to be less. I like getting disp/kithrill and centrolium.
Diamonds disappeared 324 or 325. I didn't record when.

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