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Connection Refused... Reason Unknown
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Connection Refused... Reason Unknown Posted: Feb 21, 2017 8:21 PM
I was playing a moderator and (by the way but not significant) was in with a chance of winning, as I was just leading, with just blue pink and black left.

I don't chat and only think I did was say sry at one point.

Seemed a fairly innocuous game but then I got a Server connection failure. Not a freeze or retry, simply threw me to a completely blank Snooker room. Since then, every time I try to open Snooker, I get Connection Refused.. Reason Unknown.

Anyone had this before? I wondered if I had somehow been barred but I only typed one word during the game, "sry", so does not seem likely. Perhaps a moderator could check for me?

Not sure who the username of the moderator but it was a woman and someone came in and called her Lorna. Perhaps she could shed some light. I think her userid had the word Stream in it.


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Re: Connection Refused... Reason Unknown Posted: Feb 22, 2017 4:07 PM
As I tried to explain to you yesterday..there were several other players disconnected to...I myself have been disconnected from the game on several it's just not you..I check players info..and the number of disconnections I see is a LOT.. Hope this clarifies the matter.


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