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Why no gammon/backgammon
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Why no gammon/backgammon Posted: Jul 6, 2017 11:37 PM
I just finished a game where I had borne off 9 checkers and my opponent had borne off none. He "left the game" with one checker still in my home board. The game had been doubled, but I only received 2 points, not 6 (for a backgammon) or at least 4 (for a gammon). Does anyone why this occurs? Is there some magic way to quit without losing a gammon/backgammon?


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Re: Why no gammon/backgammon Posted: Oct 18, 2017 10:32 PM
I have noticed similar rules problems. In one scenario (which has happened several times) I resigned before my opponent had born off any checkers and yet he was awarded 2 points. In other scenarios I have had opponents resign under the same circumstances and yet I have only been awarded 1 point. I have had all my checkers at home whereupon my opponent resigns and I only receive 1 point; and yet when I tried this (in reverse) my opponent was awarded 2 points (even though no checkers had been born off). The programming here is all wrong. Please, Fly or Die, get it fixed.

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