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Memory game bugs
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сısтєм αpєяıσ

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Memory game bugs Posted: Jul 27, 2013 10:13 PM
I was hoping that this would be fixed someday , but these bugs are just persistant and keep annoying players for quite some time .
What i am talking about is that the players seem to lose connection when playing two or three games in one match.
1.During timeout period of one minute between 1t and 2nd match , if my opponent clicks on " i am ready " and i decide to wait for that whole minute , just before the 2nd game starts , my connection breaks for some seconds and it returns shortly after . It can't be my internet , because this happens at the exactly same spot every single time .
2 . And this one is really a problem because it makes you lose the match because it occurs in the game when my time is lower than 20 seconds or similar . I click on one card and think a bit about where is the second one . After i click , cards DO NOT close and they just stay like that for some time while my time is GOING DOWN . When my timer reaches 0 , i get a message that connection was lost for one second and i am back in the game with timer 0 and i lose ...Again i don't think it is my connection to internet because it always happens at this same spot .
Perhaps memory game needs some connection fixes


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Re: Memory game bugs Posted: Jul 31, 2013 3:50 PM
The reason why you encounter reconnects always at the same spot is that that's the time your computer is trying to send some data to the server and detects a broken connection.


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Re: Memory game bugs Posted: Aug 8, 2013 12:25 AM
сısтєм αpєяıσ

U keep doing the same thick over and over

If u look in 2 this player u will see he is cothing his tracks

сısтєм αpєяıσ

U lose becos I have seen u gith a way. 2 random players

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