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Timed games
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Timed games Posted: Apr 21, 2014 4:44 AM
Any chance we can get timed games? Most if not all programs need time to process. Blitz games are the only true way not to get suckered by program users??


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Re: Timed games Posted: May 11, 2014 4:09 AM
Dearest, bnbrkr1 and FlyOrDie staff,
In my humble opinion we already have timed games. Crikey, I've chatted so much with loved one's...the game itself timed me out. Not just in the grueling forced one minute move's.

Personally, I'd like the choice to play as long as we want, however, in that FloyOrDie only supports a little over 100 people it would be unrealistic I suppose. At the very least, it would be grand to play 20 minute games minus the Forced one minute move. If, that is practical we could play a maximum of 20 minutes per game. It would be extremely helpful to an intermediate player like me, as well as perhaps countless newcomer's that are hungry to learn and to discuss moves.

I speak from experience as a Vinco Online Game site, affectionally known as VOG. I was a faithful Hostess there. You know. Smile.

I thoroughly enjoy our beloved Othello/reversi game and her people. This would allow time for a mentor to teach not only one person but a whole group at one time.

It would also give those of us that love to chat breathing room to enjoy the entire essence of Othello.

For those that care or fear cheaters, well, let them play those 1-3 minute blitz'. Honestly, if one needs and wants to play blitz games that's what the former Kutnick now play.ok has become full of. I dislike them. That site pales in the wake of the existing Fly~*. They even got rid of the chat in lobby. Umm, how do we get to know each other quickly and well if they can be so horribly restricted? One cannot.

I know a long time moderator there that I can privately turn anyone on to for advise. To exchange brilliant idea's. After all, we othello players are often very bright. And surely somewhat different and nutty. Got to love it. I do.

That's my two cents. Tessa

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