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Reversi: Harrasing & Rudeness
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Reversi: Harrasing & Rudeness Posted: Jul 23, 2018 2:38 PM
Hi, first I want to apollogise for my bad english. I am new here and I would like to enjoy the game. Most people here are very friendly and nice, but some are not.

There are very often bad arguements in the lobby and in the games, insultings in a very nasty way, swear words, "names calling" etc. Some people there don't behave as they should. This is disturbing and irritating everyone there, not just the people which are directly involved.

For example yesterday in the lobby a german guy told another playing girl there to "shut up" in mean german. She is only speaking english and did not understand what he was writing to her, but I and maybe others did. He used the phrase "Halt die Fresse!" which an well-educated person would never use. He also called her stupid a few times in different ways. There was no reason for this rude inpoliteness. Such things should not happen or should have consequences.

The other problem is harrasing for me. It should be posible to play there with a female nick name, without getting asked things which are too private.

I don't want to talk about "s-e-x" there, but I was asked for that. This french guy seemed to accept a "non", but he should not have asked me this anyway. I gave him absolutly no reason for that.

Another guy is harrasing me nearly every day, since weeks. I cannot play in peace with others, I often cannot concentrate at all, because he is there. He is entering my games with others very often . He does not respect, that I don't want to play or to chat with him. I told him this again and again. I also (and others too) asked him a few times to leave my games, but he is going on with disturbing me and others. He really is a pain.

I gave him no reason for treating me that way. I don't know him. We played just a very few games together and chatted a tiny little bit, weeks ago. He came too close to me, so I wanted distance to him after he started a terrible argue with me while I was playing with some others because I did not pay attention to his challenge before. He was insulting me and others. He does not respect other persons and their games.

Of course, I can mute him. I do this every time, I see him first. And he seems no longer to write in the chats there. So he does nothing rude at the moment, but his behavior is disturbing and irritating me a lot.

I don't like this at all and several times I wanted to leave the site and never come back.

Maybe it would be possible to mute some people constant? Or better: to have a "private room" where some people are not allowed to enter?

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Re: Reversi: Harrasing & Rudeness Posted: Jul 25, 2018 7:40 PM
i totally agree with what Ina has said. The player who has constantly harassed her goes by the name "Rajjmax"
I have witnessed his harassments and abuse. It is anything from wanting to have *** and babies with her to verbally attacking her. this person needs to be removed from the site. Thank you for your consideration. Craig


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Re: Reversi: Harrasing & Rudeness Posted: Jul 26, 2018 9:11 AM
Report. Mute.

Report. Mute.

Report. Mute

It really can't be said enough..

No point in coming to the forums to report a player as nothing will get done about it.


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Re: Reversi: Harrasing & Rudeness Posted: Jul 26, 2018 11:23 AM

I did not write a nickname here...and I did not want to report someone here in forum (a nick could be changed anyway, so it will go on with another account) Craig and others tried to help me against this stalker. But I think, it is not good for him or me, to pay him any more attention. In a forum, he maybe would be a troll ("don't feed the trolls").

It is a generell problem (for me), that it is not easy to chat in a foreign language, because you may get misunderstood very quickly and you also will not understand the sence of meaning every time really proper. I was just friendly. But some men cannot respect women, wether she is friendly ot not.

Some people here said to me, that I should change my female nick name into another. But I don't want to play a man here or stay quiet, everytime someone is talking to me, so that nobody can recognize, if I am a women or not. So I would not get abused, just because I am female. But this would not be a good solution for me. It is 2018 now, the middleage is long ago!

It is also a generell problem, that some people react aggressive, if they loose a game or react very unpatient, if you play not quick enough for them as a beginner. I am really shocked about unfriendly replies and nasty comments, nearly every day. They seem to be usual and cannot be reported every time.

After a few days here, I knew with which people I don't like to play once more, because the are not gentle or cannot behave. I can ignore callenges from them and I can ignore argues or stupid comments in the lobby.

But I cannot ignore this kind of stalking completly, like this one crazy guy is doing with me. So I asked for a possibility to mute a person constanty or for any other solution, wich can give me a better and safe feeling here.

Maybe something like a "netiquette" for the players could help? I don't know.

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