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Peru players in FLYORDIE
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Peru players in FLYORDIE Posted: Aug 5, 2015 4:08 PM
Dear FOD,

I noticed that like all times and old and still no changes about the PERU maffia in this site.
Most of Peru players have multiple nicks. They are also hackers. maybe from the 100 Peru players in this site they are not members or subscribers. They are the followers from 1 of 2 subscribers from Peru. They play the highest ranking Peru players they give them points for free and then you never see them again and they begin again with a new nick. I know that for flyordie is very difficult you find this multiple nicks. I understand.
But the only solution is to ban for life all Peru players with Peru ip adress. FOD will be beter off from this players. After all they dont pay a membership. There are more hungarian players than other country, but they dont have multiple nicks, they play fair with or with no program and thats the players we need in this site. Like them.
BAN ALL PERU PLAYERS , all PERU CLANS ,or ALL PLAYERS WITH IP ADRESS FROM PERU. They are unfair, hackers, multiple nicks and the most worse. They are not subscribers. They do this maffia STUFF for free !!! FOD will see then more new players and more fun.
I am not the only one complaining. One of the hundreds.

FOD was fun. Now is watchting, who is gonna hack me next of who is gonna play me with 10 different nicks. And with me a lot.




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Re: Peru players in FLYORDIE Posted: Aug 6, 2015 10:52 AM
IP ban won't solve it, that's too easy to get around. The only way would be to ISP or Hardware ban them and FlyOrDie can't do that. Nothing you can do but report them I guess, it's pathetic I know, but those are our options..we can't demand anything from FlyOrDie, they can only do so much.

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