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henryk1234 Posted: Aug 30, 2015 12:24 PM
Dear FOD,

I noticed that we have a lot of trouble makers in the chess rooms. Almost every week, somebody use his insulting skills when they lose a game. I understand you get mad if you lose. But how many chances gives FOD to a player. Let's take for example henryk1234. This player everytime he logs in he has in every sentence 3 insults. Always insulting and provocating other players. A real trouble maker. I saw him this year with more than 40 black dots. Every 2 weeks black dot. I think FOD has give this kind of players a lot of chances. I understand is a subscriber and money is always welcome for FOD. But new players dont like this kind of stuff in the chess rooms.

Just ban henryk1234 for life.!!!!!

I know for sure they will come new player with better manners than this unrespectvol player.

Regards Neo

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