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Gera1 Posted: Sep 11, 2015 2:44 PM

Dear FOD,

I hear many often from different players that Gera1 is totally obsessed with Chess Informant. Totally normal. That kind of players are also in FOD. Bur that's why he uses a lot of nicks to test players who are a threat for his crown. Other players no subscribers confirm that Gera1 uses a lot of nicks to keep his crown safe. Is anyway to find out how many nicks he is using. Must be. Because i also believe he has more than 1 nick. No doubt about that.
When you have a obsession of something, you do everything even illegal to reach that. And rules of FOD only allows 1 nick. He is not playing with the rules. He is a rebel.
A mulitiple nick player if what a lot of players in CHESS INFORMANT says. Even he had told 1 hungarian player which i can confirm that Gera1 is using other nicks.

I dont like that. Sinds i always use 1 nick like the rules says.

I hope he will be caught and banned for the good of FOD.


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