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Only Subscribers Bullet Room Posted: Aug 6, 2018 8:44 AM
Dear FOD,

One of the big problems we have in bullet room are the multiple nicks. They are not impossible but almost very difficult to catch and i know FOD mods do there best.
Maybe is a solution to make the bullet room only for subscribers. Then players with multiple nicks will think twice and they will be more traceable to catch.
If is not working. Close the bullet room in flyordie en open a 3 minute room. Other sites the most popular rooms are the 3 minutes room.
Because the most multiple nicks are opened in bullet room. And with a subscriber account multinickers will not open 3 accounts.
FOD has to offer something to make the bullet room more atractive for players and more fun. Because with the troubleshooters, bullies and the worst " multinickers " we have only 1 bullet room. Players because of the problems avoid this room. This only happens in bullet room. No other room i noticed has so much problems as the bullet room.
Something must change !! It's worth a try.


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