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Tanx point system...
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Tanx point system... Posted: Mar 31, 2012 2:19 AM
Hello Flyordie,
I have been playing tanx for long time and I think the point system really needs to be change. I mean there are players with a ratio of 1.80 are struggling to get to generals... Those players with 1.80 should of have at least 2 or 3 star in their "rank". The point system is not right at all.... I think this request should be important and need to make rank system to be fair. Back in the old days, good players can get to 2 or 3 stars, now none of us can. Only way to get stars is you got to bank. End of story. I mean you can ask any people in the tanx community... Thanks


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Re: Tanx point system... Posted: Apr 2, 2012 10:39 PM
I support this idea 100% ! I mean even the greatest of players cant get to 600 now without banking! which kind of game has a rank THAT no one can get with out cheating e.g 4 stars is 800 points(WHICH IS IMPOSSIBLE TO GET WITHOUT BANKING) .... they are many people other people who agree with this im sure.

And another thing is the spawns! i recently have been in a 6player operation and i spawn right in front of a player and i die cause he had an advantage of shooting me first and then i quickly re-spawn and guess what? i spawn right behind him so this time his on fire so i kill him. then then he RE-SPAWNS right next to me again! i mean how is this spawning?

And then again another thing is the grenades bursting on players(this usually happens in the big pit) and it can happen like 3times in a row! sometimes even 4!

that's all i can say for now all we can do now is wait for a response



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Re: Tanx point system... Posted: Apr 3, 2012 6:55 PM
Heres a more "easy to understand idea" , a change to the rating system such as the following.

instead of it being 50 points a rank , perhaps make it 100.
i would love a harder ranking system.

although you say its impossible to get 4 stars , without banking i cant agree , as i have done 847 before without banking.

note: 4 stars is 700 , not 800.
goes like so : 1 , 500 2 , 550 , 3 600 , 4 700 , "5 stars" whoever is rated highest in the top 20 players list " subbed only" will have 5 stars.
example , if someone has 700, but no sub , and someone has 550 with sub , the subbed player will have the 5 stars.

an update such as 50+ more points added per rank , would be great for the game.
im also considering making some tutorials for beginners , " recording myself playing with numerous playing styles " of course i would add sufficient detail to these videos , explaining how to do such moves & shots , if the rating system is updated , i will do this guranteed.

but if my idea is not noticed , i will support , Brandons idea.




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Re: Tanx point system... Posted: Apr 3, 2012 6:58 PM
note : TrA ,wait until your demerit ends on FTW Crucifier , before posting in another name , as you risk being permanently banned for evaiding active banishments ^_^

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