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can we change the name of darts...
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can we change the name of darts... Posted: May 21, 2019 5:50 PM
to the sitting rooms? that's all anyone does is sit there. how bad is it? today i go in the practice room and the red darts player just sat there. are people taking naps or what? i go in a room and challenge some i see all the time. they just sit. but...let a tourney start and i go in to the tourney room and 4 people who just sat there before are all challenging me. a note to those me in the room, and i'll play if challenged. but if i challenge you and you ignore it, then bring a pillow to the tourny to sit on.


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Re: can we change the name of darts... Posted: May 29, 2019 11:39 AM
good note likitisplit...most fair players do this now.. play them and they play,hide,ignore,or only play your 'friends' then bring a pillow to sit on in the lobby. treat others as they treat you...great advice

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