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CONNECT 4 SUGGESTIONS Posted: Apr 14, 2021 2:16 PM
Some suggestions to improve the C4 games...


It would be a great idea to have the option to set 'number of games in a match' to even numbers, 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10.

Currently the options are 1, 2 or 3 and most C4 players will not play 1 or 3 games because it won't be fair to the opponent. RED will always win if played right so it's only fair to set the number of games to even amounts in my opinion.


It is known that the leader of the tournament will always be RED, this needs to made more random to prevent easy win. I'm not sure how you can develop this into the game but it needs to be changed. I recommend a MODERATOR is present during the next Common Tournament so as they can witness this first hand.


A MODERATOR needs to be educated on the C4 game or alternatively take someone on who plays C4 here regularly. If they need some education, I would be happy to help teaching them the basics to prevent wrongful punishments.

A player was recently banned from a tournament wrongly, this player was banned for 1 month without any reason by a MODERATOR who does not play C4 nor have any knowledge of the game. This is completely unjustified and needs to be brought to the attention of OPERATOOR.

If anyone else has other suggestions or comments, feel free to comment.


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Re: CONNECT 4 SUGGESTIONS Posted: Jun 14, 2021 3:40 AM
What about finally adding new board sizes? We've been playing on this 7x6 board for over a decade. It is time for an update like they did in Gomoku. We need 7x7, 8x8, 8x7 etc. Would bring back some players and make the game fair (no progs). Also 7x7 is perfect for tourneys because neither player can force a win on this board size. In C4 one column or row more or less means you have to change your strategy a lot, unlike in other board games.

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Re: CONNECT 4 SUGGESTIONS Posted: Jun 15, 2021 10:57 AM
lewis good idea


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Re: CONNECT 4 SUGGESTIONS Posted: Jul 19, 2021 8:24 AM
Who is this banned player specificly?

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