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New tournament format
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New tournament format Posted: Feb 3, 2012 3:27 PM
We are going to use the new tournament format introduced in Snooker yesterday:
- Opponents will be assigned by the server.
- Everyone without active dnd/brb signs will be assigned an opponent, so if you don't want to participate you must activate one of these signs!!
- After a match finishes and you return to the lobby, you will have 10 seconds to indicate you need a break (activate dnd/brb sign). Else, you will be given a new opponent when available. Usually, it will take 10-90 seconds to get into a new match if appropriate opponents are available.
- You won't play the same opponent again until one of you have played another one.
- When the tournament is over the server will wait up to 20 minutes for unfinished matches to be finished.


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Re: New tournament format Posted: Nov 13, 2021 4:03 AM
Hello DEVELOPER, this is obviously a late reply to such an old post. But I wanted to ask about the development planned for connect 4.

Especially in regards to tournaments. Specifically I'd like to point out issues in regards to the system choosing which player is automated to begin the game with the first move. For example, it seems once the user has hit a certain rating during the tournament that I've estimated to be around "75" points accumulated during the tournament, they are always assigned to be the player that goes first in every game by the system.

This is a big issue as the player who goes first on a 7x6 board will always win with perfect play. This is the primary reason I tend to avoid connect 4 tournaments as it's just not fair. The games should be set to "2" games in a series to make it fair. Or add tournaments with 3mb, 5mb or even 7mb starts for the more seasoned player.

This will surely bring some players back into the game, and introduce a much better more improved skill gap and more entertaining tournaments.

Then moving onto more board sizes. I think this game needs more board sizes than ever before. The user-count for connect 4 has dwindled so much over the last few years and I see why. There is no progression, no reason to keep playing. Why would someone want to play the same old 7x6 board playing the same styles over and over. It's too repatative and mind numbing in the long run, that's why so many no longer play.

You need to incorporate larger board sizes for people to explore, and don't seperate the games, keep it all conjoined like in Go or Gomoku with the options for different board sizes (7x7, 7x8, 8x8), game times (1min, 2 min, 5 min, 10min), 'Best of' system in place (Bo3,5,7,9) and larger match series (2,4,6,8,10).

I've played here for years and it's sad to see this game drop as much as it has. I recall coming here in 2007 to see a lobby of 100+ players, now I come and there's barely 10 people. It needs these features now more than ever.

Thanks for the time. And I hope for some response from either yourself or another member of the team.


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Re: New tournament format Posted: Nov 15, 2021 10:13 AM
I sent a very similar email recently regarding this issue with the system tournaments. Hopefully it gets sorted.


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Re: New tournament format Posted: Dec 28, 2021 10:30 AM
Definitly, I think there should be more options not just now but many years ago.

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