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Suggestions to revive Billiards
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Replies: 5   Pages: 1  

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Suggestions to revive Billiards Posted: Nov 10, 2017 1:35 PM

Hello everyone, I would like to suggest an idea to revive the pool on the flyordie, I have been playing here since 2003, and in recent years I have seen the game die, there have been some improvements in the game in recent years, , graphic improvement in the game, finally there are some things that can improve, but the game still remains fun as in the past, however many players have abandoned, mainly professionals in recent years, I believe that if they send an email to all registered on the site, inviting to play and reporting the changes we have had in recent years, maybe many players would like to return. I would like to suggest some basic changes to be implemented, such as: the return of PCGAME, prize for the player who scores the most in the month, along with a status of congradulation in his info, prizes for the player who makes more games due in the month , or what to play more matches, or both ... this would encourage more matches. changes like real money bets, 2x2, tournament of the best of the year, or the month, change in rankings, can also be implemented in the future. I appreciate your attention.


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Re: Suggestions to revive Billiards Posted: Nov 11, 2017 12:23 PM
Good ideas!
Would be great!


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Re: Suggestions to revive Billiards Posted: Jan 11, 2018 9:35 AM
Lets face it, i think we all know the main reason for the drop off is no android or apple app. Most people play this sort of game on touch screen phones or tablets nowadays not with mouse or laptop track pad.


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Re: Suggestions to revive Billiards Posted: Jan 11, 2018 10:49 AM
Good job , we want new players !!!


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Re: Suggestions to revive Billiards Posted: Jan 11, 2018 4:13 PM
I think they are very good ideas, but the administrators are leaving the site abandoned, but have to be updated daily, I would like you to put your publication in the General tab since it is the most viewed, so many can see this publication


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Re: Suggestions to revive Billiards Posted: Jan 13, 2018 1:35 PM
I think these ideas are not bad. However, remember this is only a game site. I don't know why are you so aware of the number of players. also, this may not attract players if you play real money bets. Instead, I won't play this kind of game, many people also. Most people won't want to spend money on this kind of silly game (sorry to be a bit rude). If there are too much matches, the time for the players to play is very very long. It would be boring and the players won't stop playing as long as they start. This cause 'addiction' and people won't do the works that they should do. This won't increase the number of players. Instead, this is a kind of harmful and selfish idea. Also the same as the prize for the player who scores the most in the month, prizes for the player who makes more games due in the month and tournament of the best of the year, or the month. These ideas only cause addiction.
In fact, I think this is the billiards site that has the most players. This situation is not bad now. But I can tell you that the situation can be worse and worse.
Why don't you think of the new games established these years? Now people love to play the newest games such as LOL (league of legends)! Regardless of how you change the rules, the number of players would not increase much. I think the Moderator shouldn't spend the resources to change these game rules.
BUT, I still appreciate one of your ideas: 2x2 This is a good idea. This can promote friendship and it is more exciting.
To share my opinion, I think to increase the number of players, NON-RANKING GAMES is a good idea. The players would not nervous of their ratings and they can play with every players and no need to choose. Especially high rating players in 9 ball. Like me, I won't play with those low rating players because I am afraid that they would have a fluke in 9 ball and my rating will decrease a lot. But if it is non-ranking, I would not choose since everyone is fair. Also, when I play as a guest, nobody accept my challenge cause they think this is a waste of time. They prefer to increase their ratings. In fact, me also. But all the players are guests (I mean play non-ranking games all the time), they will choose everyone since there is no ranking system. However, I don't think the Moderater will accept because they would not earn money.
I hope you will accept what I said in this essay. Sorry to be a bit rude, please forgive.
Chui404 (12-years-old kid)

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