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FodSnook League: How to Join Best Snooker League
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FodSnook League: How to Join Best Snooker League Posted: May 12, 2019 12:44 PM
Following are the step by step instructions on how to join the league:
1. Create a new account on the league website by going to
2. Click on Free Sign Up and fill the information requested.
Note: Try to get same username as your Flyordie username without spaces. Remember your username and password because you will need it to join any tournament.
3. Activate your myleague account by going to email and clicking on the link sent by myleague.
4. Once your account is activated, come to League Room 1 in
5. The tournament link is provided by the TD(Tournament Director) in League Room 1.
6. Once you are on Tournament Main page, Click on REGISTER.
7. Login using same username(no spaces) and password as your myleague account.
8. Last step is to check in using TEAMS/CHECK IN which means your are ready to play.
Note: If you dont check in before tournament starts you will not be in the tournament.
Hope this help. If any question pop to League Room 1 on FOD snooker or ask me or Mr.Vanian. I am more helpful than him most of times
This league creates single elimination, double elimination and 2vs2 team tournaments.

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