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cheaters and stallers
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cheaters and stallers Posted: May 23, 2019 5:33 PM
I'd like to suggest a time limit of 15 secs; This would have some advantages in my opinion. First: less time for using cheats(that we all now) and scnd: this would eliminate players stalling the game deliberately. Pls your opinion and action from fly or die


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Re: cheaters and stallers Posted: May 29, 2019 10:27 PM
I would say that 15sec's is too short. There are times where longer periods of time are needed to take a shot.

I know there are players out there, taking their shot, and making their decision in a matter of seconds, but alot of players need the ekstra time.

Stalling the game deliberately is poor sportsmanship, and kills the game for me. And I would love to see something done about it! Maybe put in a option(for subscribers I would assume), that when people are playing you, they agree of a time limit of maybe 30sec's?.

On the other hand, if people are actually there, playing the game, aiming and what not, I dont mind if they have to use their minut to take the shot, since that can be needed sometimes, depending on the person aswell. But at least they are there, playing the game. And not being afk like som players, like they are the only one in this world(remember there's a person at the other end of this game, waiting for you).

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