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Shadow Dragon

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Registered: Nov, 2021

Go Tournaments Posted: Nov 26, 2021 8:41 AM
Hello, I've been playing Go now for many years on a multitude of sites and in real life. I've been present here on Flyordie for many years, due to recently returning here after a long hiatus and getting back into the Go scene here since many years playing elsewhere.

I'm almost at professional level dan and have played vs many great players here on Flyordie as of recent in standard lobby.

The issue I'm seeing is very apparent. It's that the tournaments here are not as appealing to Go players as for being locked to subscribers only. I myself subscribe but many here that play Go do not. I think adding a non-sub tourney would be very beneficial for players such as myself who want to play tournaments similar to other sites with a more challenging and interesting style.

For example, I recently participated in the 13x13 6.5k tournament, and for me (7 dan) there was not many players who where of a great challenge. This again I see due to the fact that all the brilliant Go players here are not subscribed and therefore don't participate.

Also if such a non-sub tourney was added, I would advise the game be of professional style for the advanced player. 19x19 board at minimum with at least a 6.5k and a variable time frame to suit (depends on board).

Thank you for the time & I would like to hear other players opinion on such a request.

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