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Fixed dice
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Fixed dice Posted: Feb 23, 2012 8:03 AM
I will try to collect all the different ways that our dearest players think the dice are manipulated.

"when I get to a rating of about 300 the dice change"

"last for about 3 days ... dice then go in my favour"

"get a roll that forces a blot ... your opponent will hit you even if it takes a 6/5"

"at the start of every game i play my opponent roles a double. this happens in every game i play."

"my opponents seem to role double 6s all the time"

"dices will come as administrator wants"

"I've had 6 & 6 3 times in a row .... he got 6 & 6, then 5 & 5, then 4 & 4 and finished off with 3 & 3 ... Now, tell me that's random!"

"you cant win a game for about 10 games and then you cant lose for 10"

"game dice in the way make the game more attractive than like a real game"

"It it so predictable, it is not even fun to win when the match is so one sided."

"I can guess what numbers will show so my opponent can win, even up to the last 5 throws"

"when you are winning your opponent will get several doubles in a row while you roll 2,1 and 3,1 over and over"

"There seems to be a series of uncommon rolls that occur regularly at specific times"

"u get 2-1, 3-1, 4-1 while ur opponent gets 6-6, 4-4. 5-6"

"It can't be random that in three games one starts with 2 doubles."

"the algorithm is NOT random, but it's based on previous games."

"get up to around 200 points then every game i play they will get doubles upon doubles and even more doubles"

"One time someone got three doubles sixes in a row and the probablility is 1 in 46000."

"Opponents have been getting 4-6 sets of doubles."

"A couple of days ago, a player got three sets of double sixes."

"I studied probability in grad school and these are impossible results."

"When my opponent is open, I can't hit them but they hit me everytime I am open."

"I have seen players get two sets of doubles in the first two rolls."

"giving the other players 3 times as many doubles. Its a joke"

"when I play lower rated players than me, I lose more frequent"

"when a player is new to the site the dice can be more forgiving for them"

"the dice try to even out the game by giving doubles to the opponent"

"One thing for sure: the opening rolls are overwhelmingly 3-1, 4-2, and 6-1. "

That's it for now, I have no doubts that there will be plenty more to come



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Re: "Fixed dice" Posted: Mar 9, 2012 8:13 PM
Excellent collection of nonsense. Please keep it updated. I was particularly impressed by the statement:
"I studied probability in grad school and these are impossible results."
What is highly probable is: 1) he didn't study at all or 2) he had a bad teacher. Make your choice.
When dice are involved there are no "impossible results" but more or less probable results.
People should be educated to distinguish between "not probable" and "impossible".


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Re: "Fixed dice" Posted: Mar 13, 2012 8:09 PM
Some more:

"noticed that the software detects the single checkers and somehow cheats. You can adjust the difficulty level. In fact you adjust how much the game will cheat."

"I can tell you that the games are written in such a way that to make the games more interesting and make it worthwile playing. I am sure that most software games including this web site is written with this thinking. Most probaply the game engines are copied from each other"


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Re: "Fixed dice" Posted: Apr 14, 2012 2:47 PM
The best is when in the game they are accusing me that I am the one who is making such dices. Cheater! - they say (in all the versions, some pretty juicy).
Of course, when double comes to them, they are just - quiet.

I'd like to answer on such childish accusations with link on this topic, but unfortunately, it's impossible to paste text in chat line (who will write link so many times, to much work for nothing).


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Re: "Fixed dice" Posted: Apr 19, 2012 10:05 AM
You can copy/paste text in chat if you are subbed.


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Re: "Fixed dice" Posted: May 4, 2012 10:01 AM
I can't. MacOS X.4 - tried with 3 diferrent browsers, Safari, SeaMonkey and Firefox - same thing. I can edit line in chat, but can't paste anything there.


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Re: "Fixed dice" Posted: May 26, 2012 1:43 AM
Its not entirely accurate to say that people are seeing different ways that the game is not absolutely random. What these people are seeing is the system deciding on some unknown criteria who will win and then ensuring that that player receives the throws that will make that win a reality. That there are a multitude of different ways to give that assistance is neither here nor there.

For example, I've just played a game where I'd managed to get the opponent into a situation where three pieces were trapped with the only 'escape' throw being 1,6. And then guess what...he/she throws 1, 6 three times running to escape and turn a nearly hopeless position into an unloosable position.

Now the chances of throwing 1,6 three times running are 5832 to 1. Not impossible but unlikely. The chances of throwing it when its the ONLY way to win....well who knows? (Number of stars in the universe squared?...Perhaps)

So occam's razor applies. What is the simplest explanation for this and the many other similar occurrences? Was this player just lucky beyond all reason or did the system perhaps offer a helping hand? It would take a lot to convince me it wasn't the latter.


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Re: "Fixed dice" Posted: May 26, 2012 12:14 PM
> did the system perhaps offer a helping hand?

it seems like there is nothing that can convince some of you, so I will not even try it, but just think about what would be the point in such a system...

(btw the chance to get three 1-6 "when its the ONLY way to win" is still 5832 to 1)

Robert david

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Re: "Fixed dice" Posted: Dec 16, 2012 5:06 PM
I once playing paso Ingles throwed a 2 and 1 umteen times, and they made me change the dice, I cleaned every body out

Robert david

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Re: "Fixed dice" Posted: Jan 13, 2013 12:04 PM
Operater I like your reflexions you could teach them to go my way when in trouble, When playing where i can handle them I kiss them, bless them here it's to impersonal , Im sure it upsets them!


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Re: "Fixed dice" Posted: Apr 22, 2013 9:30 AM
What about this one? 24981

Battle Royale

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Re: "Fixed dice" Posted: May 9, 2013 11:47 PM
Maybe not a fixed dice but form seems to play a big part. Quite often I'm either winning a lot of im losing a lot. My rating score usually fluctuates between 140 and 490, and im sure im not the only one.

Does anyone look at an opponents form before playing them?
Might be a good idea playing somebody with a few losses in a row rather than some who has just won a few *32 games.


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Re: "Fixed dice" Posted: Jul 18, 2013 12:58 AM
My record was 880 points. Then suddenly I went down to 100. Then I've got 682 points. And then I lose, only lose, ONLY LOSE down to ZERO! Whatever I did, I lose. Is it possible? Yes, it is, but it's so absurd, so unlikely, so amazing!!! I really don't believe that FlyorDie dices are ramdom!!!


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Re: "Fixed dice" Posted: Jul 18, 2013 11:11 PM
I can't believe this thread is still alive. Everyone complaining about this needs to take a class in probability/statistics.

The developer is never going to be able to "prove" that the dice are not loaded. And in a large user base, there are always going to be people having perceived a run of bad luck who will complain about it.

Stop making ridiculous "conspiracy theory" type accusations!


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Re: "Fixed dice" Posted: Sep 20, 2013 7:06 AM
The other day my son came over and we played backgammon, he is used to playing on "fly-or die"; he was totally gobsmacked at the dice results he got with real dice and said if he had got similar rolls on the computer he would have suspected fixed dice
Mind you , I'd still like to know how some of those guys get the really high ratings!

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