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Tournament placing
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Tournament placing Posted: Apr 14, 2012 3:02 PM
In last tournament we had the problem.
2 players on top ended with same points, same number of played games. System announced just one of them as winner.
Strange is that they were playing each other in tournament - and tournament winner (by server) LOST vs 2nd. So, at the tournament end they were even by all the numbers, but actually 2nd had that one thing better than 1st player.

There is one more thing, actually my fault.
In last match, I was playing vs player who ended 2nd at the end, and he won.... but I gave up before the end - if we were playing to the end, he would have backgammon victory (or at least gammon) and he would won the tournament with those points.
I am very sorry that happened, it wasn't on purpose, even mod TCA was there watching game and he didn't say nothing.
However - the player who ended 2nd has full right to be disappointed and I'm using this opportunity to apologize to him.

However - such cases, with same points and win/lose ratio, should be treated as sharing position (and points) on tournament table.
Please think that over.

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