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I'm back!
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Re: I'm back! Posted: Apr 2, 2017 4:51 PM
I swear, right now Danny, i swear to you dude i am in tears LOL. You making me laugh so much man you don't even know, i literally can't stop laughing LOL

Thank you so much for posting that ROFL
Oh my shots fired..LOL, i'm wounded folks, its bleeding, i need a medic! someone get me a fire hose for the burn im suffering from ! LOL my body's a blaze from this man. Come on dude, please stop im in tears LOL.

Honestly man, you're the most delusional person iv ever met in my life, i swear, if i met you in real life i bet you're a real good laugh lol. You're priceless dude, LOOOOOOOOOOOL



LOOOOOOOOOOOOL i'm sorry but this is just too funny for me comprehend..LMAO, im literally laughing just as much as im writing it here, i swear to you. LOL.

You made my day, dude. Really did.
I can't believe you're still trying to call me out after all the years iv beaten you down dude, what#s the deal man, let it go LOLL this aint a joke man you gotta let it go, you're still pretending to yourself that your clan is some top notch group of generals or something, i mean whats your clan called anyone? Danny's Elite? LOOOL

Who's Patricio? LOOL Is that Zeus's offspring? LOL what.

I'm sorry but i just cant hold in this laughter man. Honestly dude, thank you so much for posting this, you've really made my day. I would love to come back and fight you guys, i really would but i don't know if i will, i'm not willing to buy a sub to beat a few people in a tournament when not one of them is even REAL LOL. Who are those guys man, iv never seen those names in my life man, what nicks they using? UBR ImaginaryFriend 1, 2 ,3 ,4 ,5 ect? LOOL


Thank you so much. I cant lead a clan? LOL, im the only reason FTW stayed around 2010-2016 dude LOL, if i wasn't here Sam, Nitro, Alex, and everyone else woulda been gone too bro, you don't even know how far off the mark you are with this post man. You just literally, gave me the best laugh iv had in like the last 5 years, thank you, i mean that seriously, thanks. LOL

@FOD please post this reply, i'm being serious this is too funny not let them see lol. I'm sorry mods but i can't help myself from laughing at what he just said after me playing for like 8-9 years having beaten him and his clan like a million times...LOL! Funniest post of all time


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Re: I'm back! Posted: Apr 4, 2017 10:06 AM
If you found it as funny as you mentioned in that essay that really tells a lot about how interesting your life is.

UBR Sentinel™

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Re: I'm back! Posted: Apr 4, 2017 10:54 AM
FTW beaten us in clanwar? Proof or it didnt happen.

If you dont mind ill Skype you about this, i see no point we need to argue about this trough a forum only a few same people will view it, and they dont know the story, but it feels good ill gave you a nice laugh which is based on your delusional behavour.
It's kinda sad but okay, im fine with it.

@about Imaginary friends

I know who my friends are and i dont use them.
I only suggest to play Tanx which most members refuse because what you said, that playing Tanx isnt worth the time anymore.
Still i get Szabina back in FOD with a sub.

We both realise that our tribe was what made me getting in the mood of try to make UBR worthfull, to be a good leader.
A clan which is tbh the best clan in FOD history.
A good leader tries to extend a clan whatever they need to offer to keep it living.
I mean look like Glasgow Rangers and how they almost ended, FTW can do the same, i will give advices when your upto.

@UBR I respect you all whenever you win, lose, avoid playing for a good reason, or taking care of your own life, with the knowledge ill cya anytime soon. Bless you all.

UBR Sentinel™

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Re: I'm back! Posted: Apr 4, 2017 12:54 PM

When your not responding on skype, i see no point responding here and saying the truth, about your selfmade lies, and hate speaches to turn people against me, Bye.

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