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happy new yrs eve!!!
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happy new yrs eve!!! Posted: Dec 26, 2017 2:50 AM
to all my friends...
Danny (Danny van der hellsing) he still waiting for Jeff to let him lead ftw LOL till this day jk...ur good leader Danny as UBR. I doubt any1 would have lead UBR as well as you...but 2 bad i cant understand most of them coz they speak Hindu
Jeff-Wallace (son of William Wallace the 5th of Wales long long relative Of William Wallace from Braveheart)
Sara (Sardina) (the unpredictable) coz you never in what kind of mood she will be.
Tina from now on Mama Bear...coz im pretty sure shes good mom and will talk about me to her kids of a once awe. person she met online...ty Tina in advanced lel
Sam aka Sam-antha despite that froob is no where to be seen...i still recall that day i beat u 10/9 u were rusty tho so i won't brag about it...i did took an ss and then i print it holds on my restroom wall in a canvas print.
last but not least...since this guy had me on block for 1 grudges hold tho *dramatic drums* Nill...aka apu. ty for all the nights talking to u about random stuff...u went from selling fruit in a fruit stand to making apps that will revolutionized how we think of proud of u Nill...they should write a book about u...and call it...from Kiwwis to Apps...ik i would read it anyway happy new yrs to y'all...and wish you the best to come in 2018. i don't play tanx playing WoT and farcry primeval...and other random games.

EaStEr BuNNy

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Re: happy new yrs eve!!! Posted: Dec 30, 2017 10:30 PM
Hi :$

Grannies Purse

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Re: happy new yrs eve!!! Posted: Jan 1, 2018 1:23 PM
Happy New Year, try not to steal me this time :$

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