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Remember the Fallen
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Table Salt

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Re: Remember the Fallen Posted: Jan 21, 2017 10:35 AM
Lmao nuc we both know max hated me just as much as he hated you and anyone else he lost to, he still stalks me on social media after all this time so yeah some things never change. He's still obsessed with Sara and Tina and they don't even msg him anymore. All he has is swift. Guess they belong together. Anyway I meant what i said. Thanks for the memories. I won't be posting here for a while after u read this one. So all the best to you guys from me for what it's worth. As for anyone hating on me too bad, i won't be around to entertain y'all anymore so adios. Pass on a farewell to Angelo too btw. Ugh 2v2 with max just makes me cringe.. LOl. Glad I had people like Sam on my side otherwise I might of been stuck with a last resort like scribbles or model player. Cough, still better than than Max they are. At Brandon. If you ever read this no hard feelings. Thanks for all the good clan wars over the years you provided me a ton of great times and laughs. Might of been enemies but I respect you for sticking around as long as you did to fight so hat off to you brandy. Ciao


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Re: Remember the Fallen Posted: Jan 22, 2017 12:45 AM
Weeee hi guys!! Hope everyone is doing great. I miss everyone and miss playing, will nvr find another game like tanx!! Take care!!

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